Welcome to 
Our SAVIOR Lutheran church,
brownsdale, mn

Our Savior Lutheran Church, Brownsdale,
 invites you to come and share the blessings of salvation through Jesus Christ.
 Come and join us as we worship the Triune God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit..

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Sunday Worship

8:30 AM

 You can also listen to our weekly Audio Divine Service and devotion here.  You can also access the podcast from any telephone by calling 631-856-9333.

Bible Verse of the day 

My son, if your heart is wise, then my heart will be glad indeed.

Lutheran Hours Daily Devotions

Based on the updated shelter-in-place order, we are reopening the church, for in-person worship service on May 31, 2020, with proper safety and hygienic protocols. At this time, we are reopening mainly for Sunday worship, which includes biweekly communion, with some temporary safety adjustments. We will commence our Bible Study, Sunday school, and other small gatherings after we have correctly practiced social distancing and gained momentum in our Worship. 

If you are showing symptoms of Covid-19, please stay home. Likewise, if someone in your household is ill, please stay home. If you do not feel ready for in-person gathering, please feel free to stay home and continue to worship remotely as usual, if you are especially vulnerable to this Coronavirus and do not feel ready for physical gathering currently. Especially if you have underlying health issues that put you in the high-risk category, do not take a risk by a mere feeling of obligation, but your readiness and necessary precaution measure you can take. We will continue to mail our Words of Service Bulletin, Bible Study, and a sermon to your home. Please us know if you wish to be on our mailing list. We will also continue audio streaming and are planning a weekly evening phone prayer line. Worship podcast Call-in-number 631-856-9333